Henri Grialou (1894–1967), who would become Fr Marie-Eugene, left his mark on his contemporaries, who are certainly well placed to introduce us to the witness of life of this man of God:

With Fr Marie-Eugene, I found myself faced with someone who took God seriously, a soul which had become a “burning bush”.

Fr Vercoustre OP

Dear Fr Marie-Eugene,
Thank you for being present in 1940: a simple helper, silent, discreet, smiling and radiant without a halo … Thank you for crossing my path when I was a seminarian, encouraging me and setting me to pray.

A priest

He looked at things on a world-wide scale, catholic in the full sense of the term.

Fr Albert, Carmelite

I was between 11 and 13 years old … When his gaze met mine, I was struck by the light and strength that radiated from it. I thought: you have to either follow that man or turn your back on him. Linked to that strength I discovered a deep gentleness, a goodness which went hand in hand with a great humility.’

M. J. Blanc

Silent prayer unified his life.
Fr Valentino, a Carmelite who was in Rome with Fr Marie-Eugene

Fr Marie-Eugene was all things to all people.

The Notre Dame de Vie electrician