« There are everywhere people who are seeking God. Ah ! If I could reach them all and tell them about God’s infinite love ! »

Père Marie-Eugène à St Rémy en 1958This heart-cry of Fr. Marie-Eugène is probably ours too. Ah ! If I could reach so many of those around me who are still unaware of Him who fulfills my life ! But how can we be apostles today ? How can we face so many challenges ? These questions haunted Fr. Marie-Eugène as they do us. The answers came progressively.

Begin by seeking the Holy Spirit !
Then, they imposed themselves on him as luminous convictions. They led him to a reversal of perspectives.

You are concerned about those you want to reach. First turn to Him who sends you to them. Begin by seeking the Holy Spirit ! Become His friend, create a constant intimacy with Him ! Realize that you cannot do anything without Him ! Place yourself under His light ! Wasn’t Christ himself led by the Spirit of God, as he walked on the roads of humanity ?

At the time of Our Lord, if someone had asked who was his closest collaborator, the answer would have been : « It’s Peter…, it’s James…, it’s John. » In fact, it was the Virgin Mary in Nazareth although none could see it. »
The example of the saints shows us that the true testimony has nothing to do with noise and technique.

It is a mysterious radiation of God’s friends, a goodness obtained from Him, which bears witness far more of what is essential. « You convert people far better through what you are than through what you do or say. You have to act, to speak, but above all you have to be. » The Holy Spirit will strengthen our generosity, He will stimulate our missionary creativity, He will lead us where we did not think of going.