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2017 Exhibition

This is an excellent instrument to make Fr. Marie-Eugene known and especially to let him tell us about his most favorite subjects.

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The Holy Spirit: a disconcerting friend

The Holy Spirit pushes us, he disturbs us.
This was Fr. Marie-Eugene’s experience, but at the same time he could say at the end of his life : « I call Him my friend and I think I have good reasons for doing so.»
It seems to be a contradiction.
Let us read a few texts to understand his teaching better.

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The Prophet Elijah, « a solitary contemplative caught up in the life of his people »

His vocation sets him apart, far away from his community, and draws him to the desert. Separated from the world for a while, he goes where the Spirit moves him. Is the prophet a superman ? No, he is a poor man who experiences his weakness. He is harassed, discouraged by persecution : « It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life, for I am no better than my fathers » (1 Kings 19, 4) .

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« Prayer » : this word might evoke in us the memory of disappointed great expectations or feelings...

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« There are everywhere people who are seeking God. Ah ! If I could reach them all and tell them...

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A new Blessed one given to the Church means, among other aspects, the possibility to venerate him...

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