Sanctuaire de Notre-Dame de Vie


To present a prayer intention

Everyday the community comes together to pray and celebrate the Eucharist in the sanctuary of Notre-Dame de Vie.

It will be happy to present your prayer intentions to the Blessed Virgin, Mother of Life, and to the intercession of Fr. Marie-Eugene who rests in the sanctuary.


Leave your prayer intention

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Offer a mass

Eucharistie, chapelle sainte Emérentienne, temps pascalYou can also have a Mass celebrated for intentions which are dear to you, such as :

  • thank the Lord
  • a birthday, an anniversary or a particular feast
  • to entrust somebody to (Mary, etc.)…
  • To intercede for the intentions of the world and of the Church


How to make a donation ?

You may send us your intention by mail with your offering (17 € is the amount fixed by the CEF – Conference of French bishops, but you can give according to your possibilities) to the following address :

Prêtres de Notre-Dame de Vie

85 chemin de la Roberte

84210 Venasque

If you wish to have several masses celebrated for the same intention, it is possible to ask for a novena (9 masses celebrated on 9 following days) or for a « Trentin » (30 masses celebrated on 30 following days).

  • For a Novena the amount of the offering fixed by the CEF is 170€, but you can give according to your possibilities ;
  • For 30 masses, the amount of the offering fixed by the CEF is 530€, always according to your possibilities ;