From November 10th to November 18th

I am made to lead souls to God.

Father Marie-Eugene often spoke about the Holy Spirit. He would encourage his listeners to get to know Him, to call Him to stand next to us, to ask Him for light, love and strength. In 1964 he affirmed: “We need our own Pentecost and the Church also needs a certain Pentecost, for all time-periods, at all the turning points of her history” (Talk given on September 3rd). In 1965, exhausted by a pneumonia, he felt the need to share the secret of his life. Among the things he confided we hear this sentence:

I want to ask for the Holy Spirit for you.

How to make this novena ?

Chaque jour du 10 au 18 novembre : Every day from November 10th to November 18th : We can recite the Veni Creator for the intention which is suggested. Those intentions will be included in the Prayer for the Faithful of the Beatification Mass. To find the Holy Spirit during the day and to help us to pray, we are given a text from the Holy Scriptures and a text from Fr. Marie-Eugene. You can:

Novena 9th day – November 18

Upon all those who participate in the beatification of Fr. Marie-Eugene, whether they are in Avignon or united through prayer, so that all may be seized by the Holy Spirit.
Lord, send down the Spirit of God’s children

Novena 8th day – November 17

Upon the billions of men and women who are seeking you, sometimes without realizing it, so that they may be wonderstruck by discovering the voice of their conscience. May they one day recognize you, the Living God, source of truth and happiness.
Lord, send down the Spirit of Light!

Novena 7th day – November 16

Upon those whose faults make them despair, those who have suffered too much to forgive, those blinded and destroyed by violence, those who are afraid of You, so that your face of Mercy may be revealed to each one of them.
Lord, send down the Spirit of Peace!

Novena 6th day – November 15

Upon those who are hungry and thirsty for Justice, the men and women afflicted with physical, moral, spiritual pain, so that no obstacle may hinder the work of Mercy in them.
Lord, send down the Spirit of Strength!

Novena 5th day – November 14

Upon the Carmelite Family, the Dioceses of Rodez and Avignon, Notre-Dame de Vie Institute, so that all may receive the grace of renewed Faithfulness to their vocation.
Lord, send down the Spirit of the Prophets!

Novena 4th day – November 13

Upon young people who hold the world’s future in their hands, so that they may hear the voice of your Son and build their lives on solid ground, in the diversity of their vocations.
Lord, send down the Spirit of audacity!