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Elijah, prophet and contemplative

The Prophet Elijah

« a solitary contemplative caught up in the life of his people »

His vocation sets him apart, far away from his community, and draws him to the desert. Separated from the world for a while, he goes where the Spirit moves him.

Is the prophet a superman ?

No, he is a poor man who experiences his weakness. He is harassed, discouraged by persecution : « It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life, for I am no better than my fathers » (1 Kings 19, 4) .


Thérèse de l'Enfant-Jésus

Therese of the Child Jesus

Some friendships go back to one’s youth, last a whole lifetime and mark life irrevocably.

This one is not common : Henri is 13 years old ; Therese died 10 years earlier or rather, « she entered life », as she said. We are in 1908 :


Who are we ?

The secular institute of Our Lady of Life

Our Lady of Life: a secular institute

Made of three autonomous branches which make one unique family. Its members are witnesses of God in an ordinary life.

Shrine of NotreDame de Vie

The Marian shrine of Venasque

« God’s reason for choosing one particular place to be worshipped rather than another is his secret.t » (Saint John of the Cross)

Intuition du fondateur de Notre-Dame de Vie

The founder's insight

Holiness and a personal relationship with God are for every baptised person.To live our ordinary life where the Spirit breathes

Marie Pila

Figures and history

Co-founder, sister of Fr Marie-Eugene or saints from “ordinary life”, each of these key figures sheds a ray of light on the Institute’s origins and spirit.