Esprit Saint à l'église Saint SiffreinFr. Marie-Eugène is well known as the author of I want to see God (translated in 6 languages), as the Carmelite Father who served the Church in important positions and as the founder of a secular Institute of consecrated life. That is true.

« We sat down under the oak trees. He took out his pocket knife with several blades in order to give us a concrete explanation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and of their action on our faculties. Everyone could understand what he was saying. » Marie Pila
But one must add that first and foremost he was a tireless seeker of God, a bold project developer, a charismatic man in ordinary life, close to the people. His whole life was a relentless quest for the Holy Spirit and for the ways to bring the Gospel to today’s world. He realized that in our time it is dangerous to be half-baked saints.

In 1961 he said :

« What does our world need today, especially in front of that wave of atheism sweeping it and threathening not only our civilization but also its soul, threatening life itself and drawing it away from God ? The world lacks the testimony of God ! God must be rendered alive for the world. Maybe through exterior actions, through activity. Or rather, through the overflowing of God’s love. The world needs God’s manifesting Himself ; it needs a certain experience of God. »