In four moments, Fr. Emmanuel Hirschauer proposes a discovery of Fr. Marie-Eugene’s teaching about the human person in its corporeality by commenting on the joyful, luminous, sorrowful and glorious mysteries of Jesus’ life.


Glorious Mysteries

“We are always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our body ” (2 Co 4,10).


We are made for beauty and glory ! One day, our whole body will radiate God’s life ! « I believe in the resurrection of the flesh » : it might sound amazing, but this is what we believe in !

According to Fr. Marie-Eugene, here below already the Spirit of God transforms us through our faith in Him:

If we believe in Him, rivers of living water will flow out of our heart and of our soul. The Holy Spirit will have conquered His life in us, He will be fecund, He will spring forth and our being will be radiant. (Fr. Marie-Eugene)

With other saints, Fr. Marie-Eugene liked to imagine an encounter which is not related in the Gospel, the encounter between the Risen Christ and His mother, the Virgin Mary :

Her hope is not mistaken ! There is her Son ! But how much transformed he is ! His body is glorious ; light and life seem to radiate from his wounds – this resplendent body that she once formed and fed ; his soul, more splendid still ; his divinity that saw and adored when contemplating the crystalline fountains of pure, living water which are the eyes of Christ – she beholds all these in the glorious Christ who appears to her !

What a joy for the Blessed Virgin ! What a triumph for her maternity !
In this already lies the triumph of the Virgin, the triumph of her hope. The beauty of the Risen Christ was greater than that of the Babe in Bethlehem when he came forth from Mary’s womb and when she held him in her arms. Greater, too, than that of the Child presented in the Temple, when Simeon predicted his glory and his suffering. Greater still than that of Jesus when he proclaimed in the Temple that he was the light of the world, and when he stood victoriously against the Scribes, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees by his word and his majesty. The Risen Christ was more splendid and greater, stronger and more alive than when he drove away from the Temple the vendors and their flocks !

This is Mary’s Son, her Jesus ! It is already a vision of eternal life ! What a joy for the Blessed Virgin ! What a triumph for her maternity ! There he is – the King ! Simeon was indeed right… Although she understood from the words of the angel that he was going to be triumphant, she probably never dreamed he would be so splendid, so great as he is at this hour ! Jesus probably falls in the arms of his Mother. The Son and the Mother affectionately embrace each other. (Fr. Marie-Eugene, More Mother than Queen, p. 139-140).


Today, on Easter Day, let us offer our souls, let us offer all that we are, our bodies, our senses, our faculties, so that Christ’s overflowing life might triumph in us. (Fr. Marie-Eugene, Sermon on Easter Day, 22 April 1962)